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The plantation sharing scheme is an initiative being promoted by Farm management services(GH) limited, to enable investors in the scheme own a well managed mango farm and other crops without the hassle of being involved in day to day management of farming processes.

Managing a farm requires a significant commitment of one’s time and often involves processes which may seem quiet complicated to someone new to that kind of agricultural enterprise.

This scheme offers the opportunity for one to get involved to what is fast becoming a profitable industry, without the need to give up existing work and or business commitments in order to manage a farm.


FMSL is asking you to join in a Mango Farm sharing scheme at Somanya.

The scheme aims to bring together about thirty [30] farmers, who will have ownership of an area of approximately 1500 acres.

Farmers in the scheme will individually own a specified acreage based on the level of their investment and FMSL will manage the farm for a fee (based on the size of the farm) for an initial contract period of 5yrs.

After which the farmer can either extend the contract or chose to take over the management of the farm.


Contact any of the Directors and fill-up a registration form or you can print the form and fill.

The form will be highlighting the terms and conditions of joining the scheme.

To join this scheme however an initial non refundable amount of GH¢ 800 has to be paid as the commitment fee.

This include your registration fees for joining the Yilo Krobo Mango farmers association and your monthly dues for a year and the options to join the National mango farmers association.

After paying your commitment fees FMSL assist with the land acquisition either by total ownership or by leasing.

FMSL will then allot you with a minimum of 10 acres of Land after which a maintenance contract form will be signed by the client and the organization for a 5year period in which FMSL will establish and maintain the farm for the period.

And all these are done for a management fee

FMSL Charges 20 percent fee for every establishment

Other transactions that entails joining the scheme has to do with leasing/buying your farmland and registering your land etc


As you belong to a pool of Farmers that jointly own a plantation, FMSL will also assist in the marketing of your produce, both local and foreign market.

FMSL will also support farmers under the scheme with the export processes and procedures, which include :-

  • Identifying export markets

  • When and how to export

  • Consideration and preparation for export preparation i.e. packing , sizing and checking


Average yield per acre for the first year of fruiting (i.e. fourth (4) year will give you about 10 million and from the sixty year onwards at maturity about ¢40million

NB. If you are already a farmer and wish to become just an out grower we can offer you support and also help you establish your mango farm.



Export Preparation Pictures

Farm Establishment Pictures

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Mr Davies Korboe - (CEO)

Mr Jonie Addo -Fening (DIRECTOR)

P. O. Box AF 172, Adenta Flats, Accra Ghana

Tel : (233) 024 4317 322, (233) 020 8495 531

Tel : (233) 024 4942 494, (233) 020 2051011

Office : (233) 021 505 466

Email : jonie@fmslgh.com / k_zonda@hotmail.com

Email : davies@fmslgh.com / davieskorboe@yahoo.com