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Many Ghanaians interested in investing in the country are often with dilemma of knowing what investment opportunities exist and how to exploit these opportunities.

Mango has been identified as one of the main traditional fruits that has demand as an export commodity and is therefore being promoted in Ghana, to become a major potential foreign exchanger earner in the next 5-10 years

Locally there is a high demand for mangoes in the food processing industries. It is used for jams, dried fruits, flavours,juice etc.

There are varieties of mango cultivated in Ghana but Fmsl specializes in three main types, Keitt, Kent and Palmer.

The other varieties cultivated include Haden, Tommy Atkins and Irvin

Mango Varieties

Types of Mangos
Name of Mango Place of Origin Season Flavor Shape Color Texture
Mexico, Ecuador, Peru October to December
March to May
Luscious Medium to large and oval to round shape Green to yellow with red highlights Firm
Tommy/Atkins Mango Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru Year-round Mildly sweet Medium to large with oval or oblong shape Golden to greenish skin with crimson blush Firm, fairly fibrous texture
Keitt Mango Mexico June to August Rich and fruity Large, oval shape Green with slight dark red blush Very smooth
Kent Mango Mexico, Ecuador, Peru January to March
May to August
Vibrant Large oval shape Greenish skin with dark red blush and small yellow dots Juicy and tender
Francine Mango Haiti March to August Sweet, spicy Medium to large, flattened oval Greenish to bright yellow Soft and juicy with some fiber
Ataulfo Mango Mexico February to August Delicate spicy-sweet flavor Small, flattened oval shape Yellow Buttery

Competitive Advantage

One of the biggest advantages of producing mangoes in Somanya is that you are guaranteed a dual harvest in a year, the major and minor reasons.

This is a huge competitive advantage as its one of the few regions in the world that the climate allows such a harvest.

It is also mango where there are several farmers and thus has a strong associations that help each other.



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